Into the Woods.


Woods “To clean”.
Maybe it was beacuse of the atmosphere of the Lexington, a nice english pub in Islington, maybe it was because of my sunday emotional and vulnerable mood, but still now if I feel shivers down my back if I think about it. Woods are a warm hug in a windy day, a slap on the back in the hardest moment. Here you can find all you need to feel better.Enjoy it.


Crystal Stilts – Departure

It is not so easy to explain why I did not see them. I was there, at the Primavera Sound, I mean. And they were there as well. They played not one, but twice. I had three days and two chance to see them live. And I didn’t. And I really like them, for real. I just remember me riding a bike: I am late, the Lighting Bolt’s show is going to begin. Ride, ride, ride. Ride faster. And then too many shows, too many people to meet, to many beers. Just not enough hours sleeping. And so, I didnt’s see them.
But I was living in Barcelona – sunny amazing Barcelona – and it was endurable. Now I live in London and it is not endurable anymore.